We are super happy to announce that we will be providing the food for the Goran Bregovic concert at UBC Chan Center, October 21st. There are 3 things you need to make a perfect Balkan night, good company, good music and good food. We are looking forward to making that night perfect! Stay tuned as we will be giving tickets away!


Featured item: Ćevapi / Chevaps beef

Grilled dish of minced beef, pita bread, fresh onions, and dip of your choice. One order comes with 5 or 10 pieces.

Price: $8

Are you a retailer?

Nana’s Bakery is a proud wholesale supplier. We offer all our Savoury Stuffed Pastry types for large sale to smaller and larger food retailers across the lower main land. We do free delivery as well. All our pita products are packaged professionally and frozen, containing the images,
ingredients, instruction and nutrition facts. Please register online.